Assessment of fundamental knowledge

    Assessment of fundamental knowledge(AFK) is your first step in the long journey of becoming a certified dentist in Canada. Either you want to apply for a dental school or taking the direct licensing path, first you have to pass AFK. AFK questions are based on your overall dental knowledge, covering a vast majority of topics in dentistry. Therefore, it needs a strategic and reasonable schedule of preparation. AFK is prometric, computer-based exam, including 200 multiple choice questions in which only one option is correct and has no negative score. The passing score is 75 out of 100 and you can take this exam 3 times like ACJ. Normally, the required study time is between 4-6 months.


  • 15 Comprehensive handouts covering all important topics.
  • No different handouts for online, in class or distant applicants.
  • 4 full mock exams with 2 discussion session for each exam.
  • Private and semi-private online lectures .
  • upon your own preferences.
  • Private and semi- private online discussions.
  • No time limit for problem solving.

Golden Package 2950$ Includes:

Complete Set of Booklets (cost 1300$)
4 Elective topics lecture (cost 1800$)   
1 Real Mock Exam (cost 330$)            

Complete Set of Booklets Covering all Topics 1300$

3 Real Mock Exams 850$
2 Real Mock Exams 500$
1 Real Mock Exam   330$

Complete Package 3500$ Includes:

Complete Set of Booklets (cost 1300$)
3 Real Mock Exams (cost 850$)          
All Topics Lecture
All topics problem solving


Customized study plan as requested

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