Assessment of Clinical Judgment

What is ACJ
    Assessment of Clinical Judgment(ACJ) is the second exam in the process of direct licencing to become a certified dentist in Canada. Previously, you were be able to go either for ACJ or ACS after successfully passing AFK exam. Now, however, after AFK you can only proceed to ACJ. ACJ is a case /radiographic based exam and can be considered as the most unpredictable and trickiest exam of direct licensing. You are going to face with some scenarios and you are asked provide proper diagnosis and management in each scenario. The questions are exclusively related to clinical situations.
Unlike AFK, long time preparation for ACJ is neither necessary nor beneficial. . Normally, the required study time is around 3 months.
ACJ is prometric, computer-based exam, similar to AFK, including 120-150 multiple choice questions in which more than only one option can be correct and has negative score. It means that if you select only one wrong option, your score for that specific question will be zero. Therefore, the selection of options must be done with precession and precaution. Self-studying for this exam is very risky and not recommended. You definitely need an experienced instructor to train you for this mysterious and tricky exam.
The passing score is 75 out of 100 and you can take this exam 3 times.

Why Us

  • Comprehensive handout covering all important topics.
  • An innovative case-based course.
  • Hundreds of originally designed questions.
  • Several hundred original radiographs for optimal preparation.
  • 4 full mock exams with discussion sessions.
  • Divided courses only focused on cases or radiographs based on your own needs.
  • Private courses, exclusively customized for each applicant.
  • Private and semi-private online lectures upon your own preferences.
  • Private and semi- private online discussions.
  • No time limit for problem solving

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